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What is purpose? Purpose is the thing that you were uniquely designed or created to do. It is the solution you carry on your inside and at Life Changers University it is our pleasure and commitment to our students to help them discover their purpose and live it fully.

Life Changers University is committed to student success and fulfillment and that is why our programs are designed with the students in mind.


From Our Visionary

Life Changers University is God’s will for current and future generations and we are proud to be a part of your divine agenda to fulfill destiny. Our mandate is simple, present high quality academics, hands on practical experience while fostering measurable growth and change, in order to produce global pacesetters. As a student of LCU, that is our guarantee to you. Our staff comes highly anointed, educated and ready to empower and transform your life, one course at a time. God is faithful and we are committed.

See you at the top!

– Joy Lifechangers

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Pst. Joy Lifechangers
Pst. Olaitan Adeshina
Rev. Fred Ocheido
Pst. Ufedo Abah

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About Us

To be a pace setter in spiritual and academic education as well as a global research center.

Making learning easy as we develop the total man.


  • To train men and women to become committed to their calling, devoted to Jesus Christ and they in turn are able to train others for the ministry of the Gospel (2 Timothy 2:2)
  • To give sound spiritual training that is relevant to the needs and aspirations of the body of Christ and society at large.
  • To train men and women who are called into full-time or part-time Christian Ministry as Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Teachers of God’s word, etc in Christian organizations and society at large
  • To provide sound and Bible based spiritual education for men and women and to make them spiritually adequate for the challenges of the 21st century

    LCU is an educational institution that trains and equips men and women for Christian ministries and life in general.

    Core Values

    • Academic excellence – pursuit of outstanding academic performance
    • Christ – like life (Godliness) – Living in line with the word
    • Innovation – Introducing new ideas or methods of doing things
    • Discipline and commitment – consistent effort in training to ensure proper behaviour
    • Love and Care – Genuine concern for one another
    • Sound biblical teaching – Interpreting scriptures literally, grammatically, historically and as the spirit illuminates (2 Timothy 2: 15)
    • Team work – cooperative effort to achieve defined goal


      LCU North America

      440 Benmar Dr. Suite 3005
      Houston, TX 77060

      Phone: 713-927-1677

      LCU Nigeria

      No 1056 Idris Gidado Street
      Wuye, Abuja Nigeria

      Phone:  +234 703 886 8035

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      Our Mission

      What We Stand For

      Our mission is to present simplified knowledge to our students that is practical and applicable right away.

      Our Strategy

      • Engage our students in studying to show themselves approved by God.
      • Train our students to be spiritually discerning, operating in revelational knowledge to release the power of the Gospel to set people free.
      • To enhance, transmit and sustain high quality academic and revelational knowledge ensuring social, moral and spiritual development to the highest level.