Student Affairs

LCU believes in providing the best support for our student body to enhance their growth and development in the right direction.

Student Engagement

Watch out for opportunities to engage in programs and other growth opportunities.

Student Support

We are here to support our students at all levels, thereby providing different means of helping our students feel supported in their academic journey. Each class will have its own Governor and Deputy Governor to foster growth and communication between the student body, faculty and management.

Student Body

LCU students have the freedom to create and run their own student government. Each class will vote for a Governor and a Deputy Governor who will act as a liaison between faculty, administration and the students. Students also have their own social media groups to communicate and have discussions free from any faculty or staff influence.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is student life like at LCU?

Student life at LCU is enriching and engaging for all students. Classes are held in a virtual environment with heavy student interactions. Students have fun while learning and building new friendships and relationships. Students also have direct access to all faculty during their entire educational process.

What courses can I study at LCU?

LCU has four different academic schools, School of Ministry, School of Business, School of Leadership and the School of Family Life

Can I take classes at LCU online?

Yes, LCU classes are conveniently held virtually online.

How are classes delivered?

Our classes are held virtually either via Zoom or our student portal for those classes that are 100% online.

What about textbooks and materials?

All materials and recommended textbooks lists are provided either during orientation or at the beginning of each class.

What is LCU's testing process?

Exams are taken virtually through our student portal or via Zoom. All students are held to a high standard of integrity and honesty in their testing. We believe in the honor system and accountability as a faith-based higher learning institution.